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Suzanne Kohl

Real Estate Professional

Houses are so much more than the materials they're made from. For Suzanne Kohl, they have everything to do with nurturing your soul and truly feeling at home. But that doesn't mean she isn't aware of everything that makes a great house. With backgrounds in architecture, environmental science and fine art, Suzanne brings a broad range of skills and abilities to the table.

With an aptitude for creating connections, Suzanne works diligently to learn exactly what makes her clients tick. Her invaluable life experiences have taught her to always be listening and ready to deliver personalized results for every client. By understanding exactly what they want, paying attention to an ever-changing market, and putting the two together, she continually exceeds their expectations.


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Interior Design and Staging

Suzanne’s main design principles for a staging project or for an entire remodeling of a home are balance, beauty and function. Theses concepts are carried out with the strength of simplicity and freshness of innovation.

Real Estate Services

f you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you’ve come to the right spot. Whatever your real estate needs, I can help you reach your goals with confidence.

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